Happy Valentine’s Day from Home By Rachel London!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s that special time of year again when we tell people how much we love them. It doesn’t have to be romantic, Valentine’s is the perfect time to share our love with so many people in our lives- parents, siblings, children, friends.


I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day with my husband and though we usually go out for a meal, this year I’m thinking of setting up a romantic meal for two in our home. We bought our house four years ago as a project and we’ve lovingly and with great great effort, transformed it into the house of our dreams, I think Valentine’s will be the perfect time to sit back and admire all the hard work we’ve put into it together. If you’re considering doing something at home, there are so many options and plenty of creative ways to transform your home into a gorgeous piece of paradise, just for the night. Don’t worry about bracing the cold and eating outside, with heaters, twinkly lights and candle lanterns you can create a heavenly setting and it’s the perfect opportunity to snuggle up together. Our lanterns are some of our best sellers for the gorgeous ambience they add to a room, plus they’re a safe and controllable way to enjoy our custom perfumed candles. Try our Romantic Bergamot and Citrus Medley candles, for the pitch perfect fragrance for a Valentine’s night in.


We’re also delighted to be able to offer you a gigantic 25% off Valentine’s Day gifts online at www.homebyrachel.co.uk with code ‘VAL1’. You can browse our online collections for the perfect gift, from chic luxury home-ware to elegant jewellery, you can treat your loved ones (or yourself) at this wonderful time of year.


If you’re interested in finding out how Home By Rachel London can help you transform your home with interior design, please feel free to contact us at rachel@homebyrachel.co.uk.


Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s day, filled with love and light- the Home By Rachel London Team x